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Для транспортування пацієнтів, стан яких не вимагає екстреної медичної допомоги
Для транспортування пацієнтів, що потребують базової медичної допомоги з моніторингом їх стану
Для транспортування пацієнтів, що потребують розширеної медичної допомоги з моніторингом їх стану

Citroen Jumper

Optimal ratio of price and quality

Anti-lock braking system when braking
Electronic stability control
Hydraulic emergency braking assistance system
Towing control system during acceleration and engine braking
Hill start assist system
Diesel engine 2.0 l with a power of 160 hp.
Warranty 2 years or 100 thousand km.

Medical cabin

Sound insulation

Specialized car sound and thermal insulation materials

Thermal insulation

Ceramic thermal insulation reduces thermal loss up to 30-40 % (anti-condensate and anti-corrosion properties)


Specially designed strong frame provides
ruggedness of the construction for attaching medical equipment and ensures rigidity


Individually designed fiberglass plastic shields (ergonomics, leakproofness, easily cleaned with disinfectants)


Multi-level lighting (on the ceiling, under the stretchers, on the floor), 7 modes (of brightness control) provides comfort for medical staff and patients


Oxygen pipe (has triple protection) with two sockets and two oxygen 10 l cylinders with reducer and pressure gauge

Heating and conditioning

Webasto/Eberspächer provides fast heating and cooling of the medical cabin

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