Maintenance and reconstruction of ambulances

1) Complete reconstruction of medical cabin (sound-, vibro-, thermo-insulation, safe oxygen- and electrical wiring, paneling, heating, conditioning etc)
2) Replacement electrical equipment
3) Refurbishment elements of exterior

Installation of optional equipment

1) Installation of stairs with mechanical/or electric drive
2) Assembling of parking sensors and automatic parking
3) Assembling of GPS-trackers
4) Installation of additional beacons

Sticking of oracal at the customer's` request

1) Design development of sticking oracal
2) Sticking of oracal according to the mock-up
3)Removing of aged oracal

Post-warranty maintenance of medical equipment*

1) Battery replacement
2) Replacement of components
3) Restoration or/and replacement of attachments

* All services are available only for the medical equipment of the following manufacturers: Ferno, Stem, Zoll, Weinmann Emergency, Atmos, Masimo, Hamilton Medical, Viltechmeda, Nihon Kohden, Medirol, Germa

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