Type А
Type B
Type С
Designed and equipped for the transport of stabilized patients
Designed and equipped for the transport, basic treatment and monitoring of patients
Designed and equipped for the transport, advanced treatment and monitoring of patients

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The largest number of options of basic vehicle

Anti-lock braking system
Electronic Stability Program
Anti-Slip Regulation
Electronic Brake Variator
Diesel engine 162 HP
2-year/200 ths kms warranty

Medical cabin

Sound insulation

Specialized car sound and thermal insulation materials

Thermal insulation

Ceramic thermal insulation reduces thermal loss up to 30-40 % (anti-condensate and anti-corrosion properties)


Specially designed strong frame provides
ruggedness of the construction for attaching medical equipment and ensures rigidity


Individually designed fiberglass plastic shields (ergonomics, leakproofness, easily cleaned with disinfectants)


Multi-level lighting (on the ceiling, under the stretchers, on the floor), 7 modes (of brightness control) provides comfort for medical staff and patients


Oxygen pipe (has triple protection) with two sockets and two oxygen 10 l cylinders with reducer and pressure gauge

Heating and conditioning

Webasto/Eberspächer provides fast heating and cooling of the medical cabin

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