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Для транспортування пацієнтів, стан яких не вимагає екстреної медичної допомоги
Для транспортування пацієнтів, що потребують базової медичної допомоги з моніторингом їх стану
Для транспортування пацієнтів, що потребують розширеної медичної допомоги з моніторингом їх стану

Volkswagen Transporter

One of the most comfortable basic ambulance vehicles

Anti-lock braking system
Electronic course support system stability
Anti-skid system
Electronic differential lock system
Stabilization in crosswinds
Diesel engines with a capacity of 110 liters. and 150 hp
Warranty - 4 years or 250 thousand. km mileage

Medical salon

Noise insulation

Specialized automotive noise and vibration isolation materials

Thermal insulation

Ceramic insulation reduces heat loss up to 30-40% (absence of condensation under the interior lining and protection against corrosion)


The reinforced metal frame ensures rigid fastening of the medical equipment and guarantees the reliability and strength of the structure


Individually designed fiberglass panels (ergonomics, tightness, treatment with disinfectants)


Multi-level lighting (on the ceiling, above stretchers, on the floor), 7 modes (with brightness adjustment) ensure the comfort of medical personnel and patients


Oxygen line (has triple protection) with two sockets and two 10 l cylinders with a reducer and pressure gauge

Heating and air conditioning

From Webasto/Eberspächer (quick heating and cooling of the cabin)

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