Weinmann Emergency Medumat Standard 2


1) Quick adjustment after entering patient data
2) Can be used in severe frost and in heat (from 18° to +50°C)
3) Protection from rain, disinfectants and other splashes from any direction (IP54)
4) Data is displayed on the screen
5) Necessary modesfor ambulance IPPV, CPAP, Demandflow, CPR


IPPV, CPAP, RSI, Demandflow, CPR
Tidal volume
50-2000 ml
Supply of oxygen mix
oxygen source
100% or 60% (mode “Air Mix”)
Degree of protection IP
Working temperatures
-18° - +50°C
Autonomous work
6 hours
Dimensions (WHD)
206х137х130 mm
2,5 kg
Assembling parts
portable unit LifeBase, battery charger from 220В with adapters kit, wall mounting for LifeBase with power connector,power battery,reusable breathing circuit,initiating breaths device, Medutrigger,reusable adult breathing mask, set of disposable breathing masks, sizes S, M, L, oxygen cylinder 2 l with mounting to the portable unit, reductor with additional output for oxygenation (1-15 l/min), T-shaped adapter to connect ventilator to external oxygen source, carrying bag for portable unit, assessors compartment with belt
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