SEP-21 Plus


1) Double syringe pump is intended for different infusions simultaneously and independently from each other
2) Five infusion modes to maximize doctor`s convenience
3) 3 levels of occlusion
4) Suitable to use in ambulance
5) Suitable to use for all patients types (body weight from 400 gr)


Double syringe pump
Patient weight
0,4 kg (400 gr) - 200 kg
Infusion modes
5 (continuous, volume over time, dose over time, TIVA (total intravenous anaesthesia), and Easy Pump)
Levels of occlusion pressure
Speed of infusion
from 0,1 to 1500 ml
Bolus speed
from 10 to 1500 ml
Syringe Sizes
Volume accuracy
Programmable infusion time
1sec. - 99 hours
Degree of protection IP
Working temperature
5 to 40°C
Autonomous work from the battery
not less than 14 hours
4,4 kg
Dimensions (WHL)
306x135x275 mm
Assembling parts
Syringe pump, power cord, mounting for ambulance

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